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We believe in --- Commit, do the hard work and achieve.


To achieve excellent standards of value-based quality education with market driven research orientation in order to create technologically superior and ethically strong manpower of global standards.

To develop learning resources with interactive medium of communication for current generation of learners.


To expand relevant infrastructure for pursuing planned research and learning practices by all stakeholders.

To develop young professionals with cutting edge technological knowledge and skill, good communication ability and interpersonal skills for meeting challenges of global interests.


To provide career-oriented domain knowledge for Academia, Research and Industry.


To strengthen a sense of moral values, ethics and respect amongst students towards their family members, academic mentors and as well as heritage of our society.


To develop an appropriate environment of trust to attract and motivate the best of students, teachers and support staff.


To strive for establishing linkage with industry and research institutes.




To provide education for all caste, creed and religion irrespective of their gender and socio-economic status.

To develop in them knowledge and skills for advancement.

To train them having an analytic mind so as to frame questions about nature and to find their answers.

To make the institute lifted to a level of national excellence at its best.

To incorporate new technological skills and harness their benefits for the students.

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